Technology 2.0 Webinar

Tue 4th Dec 2018

I was recently interviewed by Sara Campbell and Tracy Selle of Upbeat Piano Teachers for a new "Technology 2.0" webinar on the topic of “Choosing the right apps.”

Included is a bonus brand new Note Rush theme not available anywhere else yet - Dinosaurs!

The webinar also features seven other experts full of great advice for making effective use of technology in your studio. More info at the link below.

Sign up using my promo code "UPBEATTHOMAS" (the link below should pre-fill this for you) to save $10! And, if you do this during launch week - by Fri Dec 7 - I’ll throw in a bonus free copy of Note Rush to say thanks! 😊 (you can gift to another teacher or student if you already have a copy yourself)

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